Hello world!

Like the birth of any new blog, there needs to be a customary “Hello World” post. I’ll just briefly share the objective of this blog. My main motivation for starting this blog up is to share tech tips with people, especially within the sphere of online security and privacy. I also hope to share fun tips on a wider gamut topics too, such as productivity tips and tools to help you become a savvy kung fu master in technology.


Ever since DJ first taught himself HTML and Photoshop back in 1999, he has developed a strong passion for technology. He loves writing on a wide range of topics that include technology, social media, marketing, trends, technopreneurship. His past experiences include a graphic design internship at Walt Disney, winning a 24-hours Android programming competition in 2009 and a host of other software design competitions in the past decade. He has also had the chance to do a stint at Wix.com in Startup Nation, Israel, where he was in a digital marketing role. In his spare time, he also sings professionally and especially loves rock, blues and soul.

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